Black Chip Poker Mobile App for iPhone and Android

BlackChip Poker Tournament MobileThere are plenty of poker sites that have a mobile compatible poker software platform and Black Chip Poker is one such site, and as such you may be pleased to learn that if you do have a tablet device or one of the more recently launched Smart Phones that’s boasts touch screen technology then you are going to be able to play their range of games on the go no matter where you are!

You may have a range of questions about playing mobile poker games and if so below you will find we have answered most of the frequently asked questions, so read on as any questions you may have could be answered below!

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Can Mobile Poker Players Claim Bonuses?

If there is one thing that you will always have access to as a mobile poke player it will be bonuses and promotional offers via black chip poker bonus code.

Never be under the impression that by playing at poker sites such as Black Chip Poker on your mobile you are going to miss out on bonus offers, as you will have access to just as many of them as an online poker player will!

Are Free Play Mobile Poker Games Available?

If you are still learning how to play poker games then you will be pleased to learn that free play poker tables are going to be on offer to you as a mobile poker player. You will also find that you will come across several freeroll poker tournaments too so you will have the chance of winning real cash prizes even when you are playing in a no risk playing environment at Black Chip Poker!

Do Mobile Poker Game Have Connection Protection?

You will be pleased to learn that Black Chip Poker does have a disconnect protection system in place, and as such if you are ever disconnected when playing there is a set protocol in place in regards to how any live hand or hands you do currently have in play will be played off!

Can I Enter Mobile Poker Tournaments?

You will find plenty of free to enter and paid to enter tournaments are available to you when playing on your mobile device, make sure you do have a good look over the Black Chip Poker sites tournament schedule as they have tournaments available 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

When are Mobile Poker Tournaments Available?

As mentioned above mobile poker tournaments are available morning noon and night 7 days a week 365 days a year and as such it doesn’t matter when you get the urge to take part in a poker tournament you are always going to find plenty of them on offer, and some of them do offer huge guaranteed prize pools too, so they are always worth entering!

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